I specialise in bespoke corsetry and I have experience working both in bridalwear and costume, having undertaken a four month work placement in the costume department at the Royal Opera House as part of my degree.

I have extensive knowledge of historical clothing styles, in particular Victorian clothing and I also do menswear.

I am always looking for challenges, I love making things that are a bit different and put all my energy into my work. In the past I have worked with unusual mediums such as clear PVC to make corsets and building fibre optic lights into clothing. The sky is the limit!

For basic commissions please allow 6-8 weeks from deciding the final design until delivery. This time may be longer if the piece is particularly complex, requires difficult to source fabrics or parts or you require fittings prior to completion of the final garment. For bridalwear please contact me a minimum of 6 months before the date of the wedding to allow plenty of time for planning and fittings.

Please direct all enquiries to: